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Firefly Round Robin Fanfic Community
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What is ff_roundrobin?

This community was created as an opportunity for writers to get together and create a story in the “round robin” style for the Firefly/Serenity ‘verse. In other words, you’ll be writing a small piece of a larger fanfiction. It’s a collaborative effort! Fics are written one chapter at a time by different community members forming one overall story. Come in. Sit a spell. You never know when your muse will strike. General guidelines on how to make a contribution are on this page so please read through. If you've still got questions, you can reach the mods at:

bookaddict43 (at) livejournal (dot) com
slowlydying (at) livejournal (dot) com

General Rules and Guidelines

of this fabulous comm

If you’ve been shy about posting your own fic, ff_roundrobin is the perfect place to get your feet wet with a 100 word contribution. If you’re a prolific writer, we love you, please stick around — and we would greatly appreciate your help with any stories that may need a “jump start.” New members are encouraged to jump in at any time!!

If you are a new member, we ask that you go to the intro post (Here) and list your details so that we can take your interests into account when we begin the next fic. Are you a slasher, a straight het, or is gen fic your strong point? We want to know so that there is something for you to contribute to!

The guidelines below pertain to "open community fics", guidelines for group fics are found HERE

Starting a Fic:

Our fics will be started by the mods. We will either write them ourselves or make a plea to the community for fic starts. If at any time you'd like to email your ideas or fic beginnings to the mods, we always welcome them!

Remember! The setting of each fic is important as well, and will be determined at the start of the fic. After it is determined, the setting must be adhered to, whether it be Pre/Post-Series or Pre/Post-BDM. Understand that everything that these settings entail (i.e. character death) is important.

Continuing a Fic:

  1. The first one to call dibs after a story part has been posted, gets to write the next chapter.

  2. Chapters must be 100 -1,000 words. This story is meant to be shared and shaped by each writer, not one.

  3. A claimed “chapter” must be posted within 48 hours of calling dibs. If you can’t make the deadline, you can have ONE extension request of another 24 hours. If the story isn’t posted within 72 hours, we will announce the chapter up for grabs again.

  4. Writers must wait TWO chapters before claiming another. Yes, even if you’re really into it. For instance, if you write chapter 2, then the earliest you may claim again is for chapter five.

  5. A central organizational post will be maintained by the mods for each fic. At the beginning of your chapter, you must link to this post for previous chapters. This is in order to make it as easy as possible for new people to catch up, and join in. Use a direct link to do this. The coding to do so will be posted in the org post of that fic.

  6. Don’t worry about a beta. Once one of our fic’s has been completed, it will be sent to a beta reader for cleaning up and then posted as a complete story. That said, please DO run a spell check over your submission. As these submissions are meant to be small, this won’t take that long — and often greatly improves a fic’s readability.

  7. Want to write a “Missing Scene” ficlet? Feel free! Just let either of the Mod’s know (through email) before posting it so that we know where it goes, and we can inform everyone else (for consistency).

  8. General Guidelines for fic:

    Het: While there may be other couples involved in the fic, the proposed couple must be the main focus.

    Slash: Again, the proposed couple must get the most screen time.

    Gen: Unless stated AU, Gen fic will contain canon pairings (or potential pairings). This includes Wash/Zoe during the series/BDM. Simon/Kaylee post BDM, and Mal/Inara sexual tension.


  1. Your subject line should include the following: Genre (Gen/Het/Slash); Pairing (if slash or het); Chapter #

  2. Our tag system should be fairly obvious. Tag your chapters with: Fic Name; Genre; and Pairing (if not gen).

  3. Your fic must be behind a LJ cut. If you don't know how to make a LJ-cut, more information can be found (here).

  4. Please make your warnings and ratings VERY clear. If there’s ruttin goin on, warn a person, will ya?

    Use something similar to this form:

    Setting: (this is Pre/Post-series, etc.)

Ending a Fic:

When the all knowing mods *wink* think that a fic is nearing its end, we will post asking who would like to “end” the fic. If you volunteer, you will be given a special word limit of 2000, in which to pull things together and end the fic. You will have 3 days to do this, but we would like it as soon as possible.


Obviously, play nicely. Constructive criticism is allowed (encouraged, even), but flaming will be punished with great sarcasm and derision from the Mods (at least the one writing this). It is certain that there will be stories or ships that you will not be comfortable with (this mod isn’t comfortable with some…) If you’re not comfortable — just sit those out — or talk to the mods and make puppy eyes to lobby for your favorite ship. Since fics have the potential to rotate every 2 weeks, you won’t have long to wait.

Have fun!! This community was created so we could share our love for the ‘verse! (All of the ‘verse).

Pimp us!! We need many members for this community to function smoothly. Feel free to snag any of these *uhm, absolutely glorious buttons ;)* to get the word out. New members are welcome to jump in at any time. Everyone is welcome to make us better graphics…

Having said that, please do not pimp other communities or stories here. All member posts are restricted to chapter additions. The mods of this comm are highly controlling and obsessive involved and will make any necessary announcements.

Addendums (short ones!) to these guidelines can be found ...here


Please don't hotlink. You'll need to insert your URL into the code (where it says "YOUR IMAGE URL") to make these codes work.

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Much thanks to bugchicklv and her rayne_fanon for help in the guidelines department.

DISCLAIMER: All Firefly/Serenity characters are owned by Joss Whedon, Universal, Mutant Enemy, etc. We're just playing with them to pass the time.