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Slash: Jayne/Simon: "Purgatory" Organizational Post

Hullo! Long awaited slash be here..

We're trying something different with this fic. We're whimsical! This slash fic is intended to be "light-hearted" Not... by any means the fluffiest schmoop in marshmallow-ville, but just not the angstiest level of doom either. K? good!

Also, this fic is on for two weeks, and only two weeks however long we whimsically feel like makin it. Starting now, which is .. Easter. yeah. Happy Easter! You know, chocolate and such. Oh right, the working title of this fic is... "Purgatory" (sounds fluffy right? yeah)

1A place or condition of suffering, expiation, or remorse
2Tending to cleanse or purge.

The coding to link back to this post is: <a href="">Purgatory Organizational Post</a>


Setting: Uhm post OiS, in a world where there is no BDM. Just cuz I say so.
Pairing: Jayne/Simon


Chapter 01 by cheshire_monkey and nomdeploom
Chapter 02 by bugchicklv
Chapter 03 by noneofyours
Chapter 04 by imogenn
Chapter 05 by bugchicklv
Chapter 06 by nomdeploom
Chapter 07 by cheshire_monkey
Chapter 08 by kryptonstar18
Chapter 09 by nomdeploom
Chapter 10 by bugchicklv
Chapter 11 by xx_squish_xx
Chapter 12 by bookaddict43
Chapter 13 by lvs2read
Chapter 14 by nomdeploom
Chapter 15 by itinerant_vae
Chapter 16 by kryptonstar18
Chapter 17 by xx_squish_xx
Chapter 18 by itinerant_vae

The End!

Should you ever need an extension on this fic please request it on this post!
Tags: jayne/simon, organizational post, purgatory, slash
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