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Organizational Post: Slash--Mal/Simon "Leavings"


It's time for our first slash fic! The pairing will be Mal/Simon, and though this isn't my favorite slash pairing (*wink wink*) I hope it will generate a lot of interest and bring more slashers to our community. The working title for this fic is, Leavings.

1The quantity left over at the end of a process; a remainder.
2Remaining as a residue.

This working title is not meant to lead the story in any direction, merely to give us a jumping off point (and something concrete to call it).


Fic Title: Leavings
Setting: Post BDM, Post Simon/Kaylee relationship

The coding you will use to link back to this organizational post is:
<a href="">Leavings Organizational Post</a>

Chapter 01 by nomdeploom
Chapter 02 by wiccanslyr
Chapter 03 by awkwardjonas
Chapter 04 by cathiexx
Chapter 05 by wily_one24
Chapter 06 by wiccanslyr
Chapter 07 by lvs2read
Chapter 08 by sabinelagrande
Chapter 09 by wiccanslyr
Chapter 10 by cathiexx
Chapter 11 by matchlightfire
Chapter 12 by wily_one24
Chapter 13 by itinerant_vae
Chapter 14 by sabinelagrande
Chapter 15 by lvs2read
Chapter 16 by nomdeploom
Chapter 17 by itinerant_vae
Chapter 18 by awkwardjonas
Chapter 19 by rinalin
Chapter 20 by sabinelagrande
Chapter 21 by woodsong__1978
Chapter 22 by lvs2read
Chapter 23 by sabinelagrande
Chapter 24 by itinerant_vae
Chapter 25 by divided_poet
Chapter 26 by awkwardjonas
Chapter 27 by lvs2read
Chapter 28 by itinerant_vae
Chapter 29 by sabinelagrande

The End!!
Tags: leavings, mal/simon, organizational post, slash
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